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Easy to Assemble Playground

A simple and easy-to-assemble playground that can be easily added to the chain of supplies that are shipped to refugee camps on a regular basis. Children in refugee camps spend months and sometimes years in a temporary setting, with great uncertainty regarding their future. My project tries to meet their need for entertainment and recreational activity.


The production and construction of the product are cheap. Its installation does not require any electrical devices, foundations, or any prior preparation of the area. The whole playground can be entirely built using a hammer and Allen key. The device is designed to fold in order to fit the size of a euro pallet, the standard size used to transport most of the world's commodities. In its folded condition, the device does not take up volume, and thus can be shipped with other goods that are arriving to the refugee camps, such as food, water, medicine, clothes etc. The product should be put into the existing supply chain to the camps that is operated by local and international organizations.

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