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Kamea Devons_DP_Contained 1.0_ metal and glass_4.jpg
Contained 1.0

Driven by my fascination with the art of making and our profound connection with objects, this project took shape. It all began with contemplations on the concept of a circular economy and the significance of local production. Inspired by envisioning the city as an interconnected ecosystem where producers and consumers coexist within the same harmonious system, I reached out to a dear friend—a skilled glassblower. We combined metal laser cutting and glass blowing to create a harmonious blend of craft and digital manufacturing. Laser cutting provided technical elements, while glass blowing added volume. The mould, an integral part of the creative journey, leaves an indelible and computed mark on the final object. Forever fused with the blown glass, the mould became an everlasting symbol of the interplay between tradition and innovation.

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